Short Thoughts: 1

I am so blessed to do this work with horses I love (and the people aren’t bad either!). The goal is, as always, to help forge a bond with the horses that causes them to WANT to do the work, to WANT to please, to WANT to be with their people.

Any relationship forged in fear will always be at risk of the horse finding something it fears more than you. And this is not to say that well-timed and well-deserved discipline is bad, but that it must be used wisely and TIMELY. If ever you are unsure, follow the 3-second rule:

If the offending behavior happened more than 3 seconds ago, do not proceed with the punishment. The horse will not connect the correction to the bad behavior, and thus the correction will have no, or a negative, effect.

The foundation of any good relationship with your horse starts with consistency. Then consistency breeds trust. And trust, when it comes to horses, is a far more potent motivator than fear will ever be.

Keep enjoying your horses! ❤️🐴❤️

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